Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Media Badge = All Access

This past Saturday was my first day at my brand new internship. One of my friends at school got an internship with this company and said that they still desperately needed good interns so I had her forward my resume along. The same day that I sent them a follow up e-mail was the day that they called me and asked me to work the following day (Saturday)! I agreed got the info I needed and couldn't wait for the next day to begin.

We would be taping a horse race, which was cool because I'd never been to one before. Apparently, that particular track has a big event every year to raise money and it's pretty swanky. Not everybody was dressed up but a lot of people were and there were tents sponsored by banks and hospitals with catered food inside! But I digress...

I get to the track, park, and set out to find the people I need to meet up with. Guess where they were? Down ON the track conducting interviews with the winning jockeys, trainers, and owners of the horses. AND when they were doing that, they were on this little hut that was down on the level with the track but just off it so they were out of the way while still having easy access to the people they needed to interview. They set me right off to work when I got there, I held a reflector during the interviews and babysat a tape deck during the races. It was pretty cool.

Everybody was really nice and friendly, professional at the same time and knew what they were doing (which is a change for me ;) ), but it was still a fairly laid back atmosphere to work in. I'm really excited about this internship and can't wait to do more. They're going to have me in the research department two days a week and out doing production one day a week, unless there's no research that needs to be done, in which case: more production. That's tentative for right now, I'm doing in later with my friend from school to talk to the appropriate people about my schedule and when they need me to come in.