Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It feels like I'm 19 again...

I'm back at my old restaurant, but hopefully only for a short while. I'm waiting to hear back about a full-time position and it could take weeks or months to process me and get me on a schedule and payroll. Not too much has changed at the restaurant, some things are more strict while others are completely lax. I'm back to hosting, but hoping to get on the server schedule because I need to be making more money than I currently am.

I left my other job. I'm glad that I'm out of there and it's over and done with for the most part. I get to move on and accept change in my life. At first it was a terrifying leap of faith, especially in this economy, but once I'd done it (and I had the restaurant officially lined up) I was absolutely positive that leaving was exactly what I was suppose to do. My skin has started clearing up. I was actually that stressed at my previous job that once I quit, my acne started to go away. Money is still a concern, I think it will be for a while, if I can break even I'll be happy. I can hold off on shopping trips for a while as long as I can pay my bills.

Off to bed now, it's getting late. More later.