Monday, April 21, 2008

Above and Beyond

For the last two weeks or so, we've been putting together a marketing package at work for the show to send/give to potential sponsors. It's been coming together kind of slowly, since we've never put one of these together before. I designed a page layout for the whole package based off the website so it all looks consistent, they loved it and we're using it! I also started adding graphics and pictures, with some input from Brainiac and Mystique about which page they should go on, etc. We loved what we had so far, but several pages still needed work.

Then, last week, our editor ran into a representative of a rather large company (national company is all I'm going to say) who says that his company has money set aside specifically for the sponsorship of educational children's programming. *GASP* Editor told him about our show and the guy loved the idea and wants to pitch it to his boss. *DOUBLE GASP* That was Friday. Over Saturday and Sunday, Mystique and I were on the phone and e-mailing each other constantly, scrambling to finish our marketing package in time to send it to this guy.

Now, Monday morning, after we sent the package to the guy and are waiting for him to call back (he's very busy, national company and all), we're 98% done with the marketing package. There are only a few tweaks left to do, change some wording here, add a small graphic there, and then we can start sending it out to everyone and their mother (which I've already been doing, but to people I know so I can show off my work XD) and ask for money.

They love the work that I've done and are soooo appreciative of the time that I've put into it as well. Boss even called from his shoot in Buffalo to say, "So I hear you did some awesome work last night!" which is his way of saying "great job" lol. So pretty much I have a couple of days off coming to me plus a bonus was mentioned so we'll see...I love that they're happy with all the work I've done and acknowledge that I did a great job for them and put in a lot of time. My other jobs were not this good to me!