Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I got the job I applied for! My crazy confidence paid off and they hired me! I have BTS tomorrow and Thursday (which stands for Back To School, nights where parents come and meet the teachers) and then I start in the classroom on Monday! I've seen my schedule already (although if it's for just next week or the whole semester I'm not sure, either way it looks great!) and I can't wait to see the curriculum and start supplementing and coming up with fun things to do!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Viable Option"

In the last two weeks, I had my first and second interview at a Catholic school in Cooksville (out in the boonies of Howard Co.). They're looking for a media teacher. Initially, this isn't something that I would have applied for, since working towards a government video position has been my goal for the last year. However, things happen for a reason and Dan and I found ourselves in a situation where applying for a salaried job with benefits that is hiring NOW (as opposed to possibly, maybe, sometime in the future...) was a good idea. A very good idea.

I got a call yesterday evening from the lovely assistant principal who didn't want to leave me hanging this long Labor Day weekend. She let me know that I'm still a viable option for the position and that they would finish calling my references Tuesday and that I would know one way or the other by next week. I knew that they had been calling my references and from what it sounds like, I think it might be a close tie between me and at least one other person for the position. Now, it is a teaching position (I would see each grade, PreK3-8th, once a week) but also a support position. I would be called on by other teachers to assist with technical problems or call the IT person if it's something I can't handle myself. I do lack significantly in the teaching experience aspect, especially in a traditional classroom setting. The most I have is from when I taught karate, and even then, I really only have some basic classroom management skills and that's about it. I'm not sure who's worried more about my lack of teaching experience, me or them! It very much seems like they're working to find the person who is the "right fit" for the position, whether the fit includes teaching experience or not.

From what I understand, many of the applicants are qualified in either one field required or the other. Some people are teachers, but may not have the technological skills needed, or others are like me. It is a hybrid position, created from two part-time positions. It also includes being the librarian and teaching the children about print in addition to the technology. I do know that both of my interviews went really well. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm currently employed by a well-paying job or the fact that I'm fine with either outcome, but I had this confidence that I've never had in an interview before! Everyone I spoke with was very nice, I was completely comfortable with them and with myself, I love that because it's a Catholic environment, I got to mention my faith and talk about how I'm still trying to figure out where God wants me right now. I think that was the easiest, and best part. Most of the time, with other interviews, the "why here?" question is difficult. With these interviews, besides mentioning what a great school it is and how much I love their mission, I also got to talk about my faith journey. While I've had a lot of jobs that seem unrelated to each other or my major, God only helps those who help themselves and finding the place He wants me to be isn't going to be easy but I need to get out there and at least try!

If I'm not supposed to get the position, then I continue waiting to hear about a video position with the government and I at least got some (really good) practice interviews about of the deal. I still can't explain where my confidence came from, usually I'm a nervous wreck who over-analyzes things, I can only hope that in my next interview(s), wherever it may be, I'll be able to be just as confident and sure of myself!