Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lack of pictures

Blogger's photo servers have been messed up for me for a while now. I've only been able to add pictures using my phone which is soooo not how I always want to do it. It's not like I have anything particularly picture-worthy to upload at this point, but it severely limits my motivation to post when I know there's an aspect missing.

In other news, officially in my 2nd trimester, yayness! I go in for my next appointment this coming Tuesday and I'm hoping we'll be able to hear the heartbeat :)

I also need to talk to my doctor about my nasty dyshidrosis, which is a rash that I usually get on my fingers every June (probably because of the change in humidity or something) but for whatever reason it started right about the time I got pregnant. I've read that hormones can initiate the rash, which would explain how it started when I got pregnant and not in June like it usually does (and did earlier this year). The treatment is typically a steroid cream, but from what I've read online, they haven't been listed as safe for pregnancy and mothers only use them when the benefits for them outweigh the risks for the baby. Initially, it wasn't that bad and I figured I could deal. It's pretty much exploded and is now almost covering a whole finger, moved on in small bits to other fingers, my palm, and even my other hand. It's itchy and no fun, which is why I'm hoping either she'll OK the cream or give me something else I can use that is safe for pregnancy and will get rid of this nasty hting. If I have to go 5 more months without anything, both of my hands are going to be covered and gross. The kids in my classes have started to notice, though mostly they're young enough I can get away with "boo boo" and move on.

I also need to get a flu shot eventually...So far the kids at school haven't been out too much with the flu, I think when they start staying home with it, I'll get one. Although, it might already be too late at that point.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Most posts in a year

My last post was officially the record in this blog for having more posts than previous years. I've been writing on and off since 2007, which is pretty amazing considering I tend to start blogs and then abandon them. 2007 was the contender to beat with 14 posts and the post prior to this one was #15 for this year. With lots more to come worth posting about, I'm sure that the record will get set much higher by 2011 :)