Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy News :)

Few things are more awkward than peeing on a stick, you have to hold it just right for just the right length of time, then you have to keep it pretty much flat while attempting to clean it off because let's face it, you're putting that sucker on the counter and not in the sink. But yes, I am pregnant! It took a little while, but I know that's because the timing wasn't just right. Now I have a new job, Dan's out of his horrible one (still looking for a new one but that will fall into place when it's supposed to) and everything about it feels so right.

We are super excited, and the family and friends that we've told so far couldn't be happier for us! I have my first appointment this Wednesday and I'm stoked!!! I'm really hoping they do an ultrasound, even though we'll be paying for the whole appointment out of pocket (current insurance has a super high deductible, not to mention I've been signed up with them for almost two weeks and they've only sent vision cards so far), but I know first appointments can be expensive already because they do blood tests and stuff to confirm pregnancy. So we'll see. I plan on calling the office tomorrow or Tuesday just to get an idea of what we'll be looking at for cost as well as getting on a payment plan (even if I can do half-and-half that would be good).

My mom and a friend have already started buying stuff! My mom has bought some one-zies for when Baby gets a little bigger, in addition to some bath towels (neutral stuff with duckies on it, so cute!). My friend got a Dexter bib which is AWESOME, she says she'll get another one if/when we find out gender because there are more but they're either pink or blue.

I'm mostly just fighting nausea, nothing too bad but that's pretty much the one symptom I have a rough time with. Even when I get sick, I can put up with sore throat, cough, runny nose, just not nausea, that wipes me out. I have a fairly high pain tolerance, I can put up with pain (which I've also been doing, the craps have pretty much stopped, which is nice--had those for a couple of weeks--now I've got lower back pain on and off), but this nausea just gets me. It could definitely be worse, I'm not trowing up every day or anything, but smells will get me, especially rotting/old food. Oh darn, that means I can't take out the trash ;) It pretty much comes on when my stomach gets empty, which sucks because the last thing I want to do when I'm nauseated is eat. Ginger Ale and Saltines are my best friends in the mornings especially or when I need a quick snack between meals. I'm also supposed to be taking prenatal vitamins, but the ones I bought are:
a) huge, they're like horse pill size, I've had to bite them in half just to be able to swallow them,
b) really nasty smelling/tasting, shouldn't they taste like chocolate so pregnant women will actually want to take them?
c) they make me nauseated, and
d) I read the ingredients and turns out their coating is made with soy products which means that I can sort of justify not taking these particular ones because of my allergies.
 When I see my doctor I'm going to talk to her about getting liquid prenatal vitamins so it's easier to take. I am being good about medications though. I know that one of my two allergy-related medications is safe to take during pregnancy but the other is not, so I stopped that as soon as I found out I was pregnant, and I don't take anything without first checking whether it's ok or not. I'm trying not to eat too much bad stuff, but there was a whole week where all food made me feel sick except fast food. Now I can eat things prepared at home, except sandwiches, which is odd but I can deal.